Gold Medal of Merit

anagnostakisAndreas Anagnostakis was born in Crete in 1826. He studied medicine in Athens, Vienna and Berlin. He specialized in Ophthalmology in Paris and London. In London became internationally known for his work on the modification of the Helmhotz ophthalmoscope, which made the examination of the fundus simple and easy in daily practice. Other work that made him internationally known was the surgery of trichiasis. Anagnostakis officially took his seat as an Ordinary Professor of Ophthalmology at 27/09/1865 and held it until his death in 1897.





trantasAlexios Trantas was born in Epirus, Greece. In 1891 he obtained his doctorate in Athens, continuing his education in Paris under Photinos Panas, Louis de Wecker and Xavier Galezowski. In 1894 he founded an ophthalmology Clinic at the «Greek hospital» in Constantinople. In 1898 he was the first physician to study the iridocorneal angle in a living human and is well-known as the father of gonioscopy. He also studied the
greyish-white dots consisting of clumps of degenerated cells, seen on the conjunctiva at the junction of the cornea and sclera in cases of allergic conjunctivitis, which are known as “Trantas’ dots”.






The Greek Glaucoma Society awarded with the «Gold Medal of Merit and Honor of A. Anagnostakis and A. Trantas» the following glaucoma specialist for their contribution in the field of glaucoma:


1994 Prof. Eric L. Greve, The Netherlands

1995 Prof. Wolfgang Leydhecker, Germany

1996 Prof. R. Etienne, France

1997 Prof. G. Scuderi, Italy


1998 Prof. Robert Ritch, USA


1999 Prof. Guenter K. Krieglstein, Germany


2000 Prof. George L. Spaeth, USA

2001 Prof. Bruno Boles Carenini, Italy


2002 Prof. Thom Zimmerman, USA


2003 Prof. Roger Hitchings, UK


2004 – Prof. Shlomo Melamed, Israel


2005 – Prof. Clive Migdal, UK


2006 Prof. Paul L. Lichter, USA


2008 – Prof Anders Heijl, Sweden


2009 Prof. Ann Coleman, USA


2010 Prof. Jeffrey Liebman, USA


2011 Prof. George Baerveld, USA


2012 Prof. Keith Barton, UK


2013 Prof. Franz Grehn, Germany

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2014 Prof. Norbert Pfeiffer, Germany

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2015 Prof. Gabor Hollo, Hungary

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2016 Prof. Murat Irkec, Turkey

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2017 Prof. Claude F. Burgoyne, USA